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Coastal Considerations

A home built near a coast can involve a great many challenges. This Timberpeg home designed for a coastal site in Maine is no exception. Read to find out how our expert design staff was able to create the perfect home for this site and family.

Selecting Convenient and Attractive Kitchen Appliances

One of the great benefits of owning a home, and indeed of designing and building a new home, is being able to make all the details work just right for you. One of the great limiting factors in design has always been major appliances. Since they have only a few sizes and form factors, rooms like kitchens often get designed around the appliances. However, there are options that can free up the design process.

When to Plant a Garden

One thing we've learned over the years is many Timberpeg homeowners love to garden! While the East Coast is just recovering from a winter storm, the weather was much milder only a week ago. Meanwhile, much of the rest of the country is enjoying very warm weather indeed. With spring officially arriving early next week, it’s natural to think about planting your garden for the coming growing season. If you’re a newbie to gardening, here’s a quick guide on when to plant your garden.

Open and Glass Cabinets

While cabinets from decades past tended to be fairly uniform throughout the kitchen, the cabinets in today’s homes have a more varied appearance. The lower cabinets still tend to be closed and in one style, but the upper cabinets are often glass-fronted or open entirely. Let’s take a look at a few kitchens and how they use different cabinet styles.

The Increasing Popularity of Universal Design

Last Year, we wrote a post about Universal Design (UD), which is the process of designing a home so people of all ages and motilities can live comfortably. With an increasing number of people building homes that they intend to live in well into retirement, there is now evidence that these UD principles are becoming popular in everyday home design. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) survey that we cited last week also included a section on popular special features in modern homes. The survey indicated that the following features were decidedly gaining in popularity.

The Most Popular Special Rooms and Spaces

While even we have discussed how homes have been getting slightly smaller with fewer special purpose rooms, a home is seldom exclusively composed of bedrooms, bathrooms, and a kitchen and great room. In order for a house to feel like a home, it often includes the individual touches that specialized rooms bring. Every year, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) conducts a series of surveys of over 500 leading architecture firms to discover how homes are actually being designed. Here are their conclusions from their home features study on special function rooms.

The Home with a Thousand Faces

One of the greatest features of a Timberpeg Home is the great freedom that heavy timber framing allows in the design process. This leads to a great diversity in the styles of homes that can be built using posts and beams. We’ve decided to highlight that diversity by showing just a few of the many different types of Timberpeg homes constructed throughout the country.

The Ideal Television Environment

With the “big game” only a week away, we are fast approaching one of the most watched television events of the year. And while none of us wants to admit to being a couch potato, we know that the average American watches around three hours of television a day. Even so, there are some design issues for a television room that are especially important to consider in a timber frame home. Here are a few of the most important suggestions for building a comfortable television space.


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